Summer is here, no heels necessary

Davis Bay sunset

The sun has finally decided to grace up with its presence, enabling the Sunshine Coast to live up to its name.

Approaching nearly six month of residence over here, I am finally starting to feel like somewhat of a local. Well, the term local might be pushing it, but after running into a couple of local politicians at Starbucks then having the barista tell me she liked my article on my recent flight experience, I felt like a pretty established Sunshine Coaster.

Although a sense of establishment seems to have washed over me, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t missing the city right now. Seeing all my friends post photos of rooftop BBQ parties, enjoying bike rides on the seawall and tall cans of beer at the beach or park, often makes me want to grab the first ferry back to the city. I miss being able to meet friends for a late night glass of wine at a bar, talking about silly, trivial things that make you laugh no matter how ridiculous they might be.

There are things I don’t miss, though. Traffic, parking, suburbs, constantly being asked for spare change, having to feel fashionable, etc. The last one is a funny one. I was things over here on the Coast I would never dare wear in the city. Considering my only fashion competition here consists of the sandals, socks, gore-tex, and gumboots, I’m not doing too badly. I finally wore my coveted pink Marc Jacobs heels out to the one “hip’ restaurant in town, only to feel like an idiot while traversing the deadly stairs down to the restaurant’s dock side location. Crawling back up the stairs after numerous drinks made me realize why no one cares if my heels are Marc Jacobs – I still looked rather foolish.

As the long weekend draws to a close, it will be back to work tomorrow, back to covering local political issues, back to the grins – albeit the grind over here is one a slightly different pace. But, it’s a pace I’ll definitely take. I may nit have been able t shake my booty in the name of gay pride this weekend in Vancouver, but I spent three days in a bikini, beer in hand, gloriously gardening, reading every inch of the Globe and Mails, and taking it slow and steady, enjoying it while I can.

But if you catch me wearing socks and sands, please put me on the first ferry back to the city.



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