Call of the mild wild

Henderson Beach

Making the move from the city to a semi-rural community was not an easy one. It wasn’t too difficult, either, as I don’t exactly live in the bush, but the small community feeling has definitely set in.

From where to where you ask? I was previously in neighbourhood. For those who don’t know, Kits is home to the yoga bunny type. Set on the ocean, it has some of the nicest beaches in city, and for as much as some people may poke fun at the yuppified neighbourhood, I’ve always loved the laid back vibe, left over from the real hippies who actually resided in the area in the 60s and 70s. And it’s simply a beautiful neighbourhood, no doubt about it.

As much as you love a place, sometimes you have to move on. After being offered a job on the Sunshine Coast, I decided to pack up and move on over here. I landed in Roberts Creek, which is somewhat similar to Kits, except Roberts Creek makes up for what Kits lost in eclecticism. Hippies remain, but they drive Subarus and have solar panels in their back yards. Many draft dodgers called Roberts Creek their home, which I feel helped formulate the somewhat independent streak of the community.

Again, while I’m not exactly in the bush, it has been a transition. I came here to work as a reporter, gain some experience, and get out of the city for a bit.

This is my blog of random adventures, encounters, and all other things as I go into the what I like to call “the mild wild.” Life in a small, coastal town.

As for Daydream Nation, well, I’ll let you guess.


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    oh, caroline…

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